“The investor’s chief problem – and even his worst enemy – is likely to be himself.”
Benjamin Graham

Our Approach

Offering A Consistent Investment, Planning Approach

We offer a distinctive, blended approach to investment management and financial planning. An empirical approach lends itself to investment management, where it’s fairly easy to quantify risk and reward, while an evolutionary approach is more suitable to financial planning, because the best-laid plans can be blindsided by an unexpected life event.

Investment Management

In a world awash with wishful thinking around investment performance, we’ve developed a fact-based process that offers the biggest opportunity to improve investment portfolio performance. We base our approach on the Nobel Prize winning research of leading academic economists into markets, trading, portfolio management and taxes. We construct diversified portfolios that balance risk and reward. By removing the wild card of active management, it’s an investment process that delivers consistency over the long term at a low cost.

Your portfolio will be built based on a series of in-depth conversations with you about your goals and tolerance for risk as well as your current situation, age, assets and family circumstances. By combining a practiced methodology of careful portfolio design that balances risk and reward and considers tax management, the portfolios we construct for you will be tailored to helping you achieve your financial and life goals. Whatever the markets are doing, we aim to provide a calm port in a storm, to help you stay the course and execute a disciplined plan of action.

Financial Planning

The basis of our evolutionary financial planning approach is an ongoing partnership where we work with you to explore how to best manage your resources and finances to meet whatever challenges life throws at you. Forget the elaborate three-ring tabbed binder with a financial plan that’s outdated the minute it’s printed out. Instead, consider a relationship with a trusted guide, who’s here to celebrate with you and make plans when a new grandchild is born or who can talk you off the ledge and reinforce the value of staying the course on your retirement savings plan when markets tank.

Central to this evolutionary process is the ongoing conversation we engage in with you. Considering all the options and the potential outcomes and alternatives, we craft solutions that are responsive to where your life is today and where you want to arrive in the future, not constructed based on some financial simulation of where your life should be. We’re here to guide you towards the best possible outcomes, whether that’s a college education for your children or grandchildren, a secure retirement, philanthropy or an ongoing legacy for future generations.